Net Zero Solar is a Full-Service Solar Installation Company

At Net Zero Solar, we're not just solar installers. We're construction professionals with decades of experience, who understand in detail the challenges of building homes. We're proud to have partnered with a number of architects and custom homebuilders in Southern Arizona. Our strategy is simple: Start early, communicate frequently, and stay focused on quality.

For your clients, the benefits of integrating solar into the design-build process are clear: An aesthetic, high-performance solar electric system, generating clean energy for years to come. Many homeowners also appreciate the opportunity to include system costs in their mortgage, reducing total cost of ownership.

Although each homeowner has different energy use patterns, we've installed hundreds of solar electric systems, so we can provide a reasonable estimation of the energy needs for a new home. If desired, we can also install a solar electric system designed for easy future expansion.

If you're an architect or builder with a potential solar project, we encourage you to contact us as early as possible in the process. We can look at any existing plans or conceptual drawings and provide feedback and suggestions. When you're ready, we'll provide you with a firm quote for complete installation.

When construction of the build starts, we'll start our installation at rough phase, once the roof decking and sheathing is installed, but before any insulation or drywall has been completed. For most roof types, we'll install any connections to the building structure in coordination with your roofing contractor. We'll also run electrical wiring through the attic or ceiling cavity. When the roof is finished (and dried-in if necessary) and the electrical service is in place, we'll return to complete the installation.

Some of our partners: